Version 1.1.0 Beta Test

Patch notes:

- Version 1.1.0 comes with a new game mode:
Story mode: This game mode is dedicated for players that only want to enjoy the story & content of the world without having to deal with economy, structures, units or combat. You start with 3 top-tier units and the only time you will ever see combat is where it is required for completing quests. Not to worry though, aside from the three top-tier units that can ensure you won't get blasted in the first initiative turn, you also have a "Kill them all!" button that instantly deals 1000 damage to enemy units.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a lingering bug that would cause players to "fall through the map" after exiting the first tutorial level.

- Added missing information in the tutorial/help topics regarding camera movement while in combat, quicksave and quickload

- Added auto-quicksave after traveling to a new area.

Known bugs: 

 - One instance of receiving a quest "none" from Lactantius, in the in the catacombs of Rome - please refer to the prior version's patch notes for a workaround as we still could not replicate the bug on our end.


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Version 19 Dec 30, 2021

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