Version 1.2.0 is now live!

From now on, Spirit of Europe Origins no longer requires login/registration by default!

Our sincere thanks for everyone supporting our educational research!
While we will still continue to investigate how edutainment game projects might fit into a curriculum, we also want to know how this particular edutainment project would do as a game experience with no strings attached. We want to learn more on how players feel towards it as a game instead of a learning tool!

Thus, everyone that would like to support our educational research endeavor further will be able to do so, but this is no longer mandatory in order to play the game. We hope this will ease the pain of having to register & complete the initial assessment some users expressed. Now that registration is out of the way, maybe some of you that quit because of it would like to give the game a try - we would really appreciate your opinion on the product as a game and/or learning experience - however it is you see it!

1.2.0 Patch notes:

 - Added a "skip registration" option to the login widget. Note that if this option is selected and confirmed, the game will no longer require login, but neither will the player be able to change their mind later and participate in the educational study.

- Fixed login widget password showing the actual text.

- Fixed various minor visual/environmental bugs.


Spirit of Europe - Origins 4 GB
Version 22 Aug 11, 2022

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